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Say it with cookies® - Your loved one has prepared all year for their big recital. Celebrate their accomplishments with a personalized gift of customizable and delicious cookies. Whether it’s a piano recital gift, dance recital gift, or other gift needed to recognize a special accomplishment, Cookies by Design creates unique cookie baskets for every occasion.

7 items found
As Shown: $80.98
A156 - The Recital
The Recital {A156}
Starting at $18.99
As Shown: $57.99
A8 - Music
Music {A8}
Starting at $18.99
As Shown: $57.99
A154 - Celebrating Excellence
Celebrating Excellence {A154}
Starting at $18.99
As Shown: $67.98
A258 - Congratulations Spring Blossoms
Congratulations Spring Blossoms {A258}
Starting at $18.99
As Shown: $60.98
A243 - Congratulations Lady Bug
Congratulations Lady Bug {A243}
Starting at $18.99
As Shown: $36.99
PC8 - Congratulations Iced Cookie Cake
Congratulations Iced Cookie Cake {PC8}
As Shown: $57.99
A111 - You're So Special
You're So Special {A111}
Starting at $18.99
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