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Q. How do I find a price list?
A. Under the "product information" there is a page that lists all of our pricing. Look for "prices" at the bottom of the home page.

Q. Do you have sugar-free cookies?
A. At this time we do not offer sugar-free decorated cookies. However, some locations offer two varieties of sugar-free gourmet cookies. Contact the location in your recipient's area to find out if they offer these cookies. To get location's contact information, choose the Locations link above and enter your recipient's zip code. You can also obtain this information by calling our toll free locator service at 1-888-882-6654.

Q. Can I be directed billed for my order?
A. We are able to offer direct billing subject to credit check.

Q. Are your cookies handmade?
A. Our cookies are completely handmade, from the first steps of mixing the dough and icing to baking and then hand decorating each one individually. This process is quite labor intensive and therefore constitutes a higher price than processed cookies or candy.

Q. I need to place several orders to send to multiple locations, is there an easier way?
A. Our online ordering system allows you to place multiple orders, which can also be delivered to multiple locations. In addition, we have a Corporate Gift Program as a one-stop shop service for corporate customers who wish to place multiple orders. If you want to send orders to multiple locations, contact our Corporate Gift Program at gifts@cookiesbydesign.com, or call direct 1-800-347-3110, ext 102.

Q. What is a service fee?
A. During the ordering process you will be charged a service fee. Service fees are a combination of hand-delivery or shipping and handling costs.