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Say it with cookies - Fresh-baked, hand decorated cookies will warm the hearts of friends and family during the cold winter months.

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A224 - Winter Wishes
Winter Wishes {A224}
Starting at $17.99
B224 - Winter Wishes BouTray™
Winter Wishes BouTray™ {B224}
Starting at $55.99
W224 - Winter Wishes Basket
Winter Wishes Basket {W224}
Starting at $31.99
A201 - A Hanukkah Festival
A Hanukkah Festival {A201}
Starting at $17.99
B201 - A Hanukkah Festival BouTray™
A Hanukkah Festival BouTray™ {B201}
Starting at $55.99
W201 - A Hanukkah Festival Basket
A Hanukkah Festival Basket {W201}
Starting at $31.99
TRY21 - Hanukkah Favors Cookie Tray
Hanukkah Favors Cookie Tray {TRY21}
CFA17 - Snowflake Ice Cookie Favors
Snowflake Ice Cookie Favors {CFA17}
A348 - New Years Bash
New Years Bash {A348}
Starting at $17.99
B348 - New Years Bash BouTray™
New Years Bash BouTray™ {B348}
Starting at $55.99
W348 - New Years Bash Basket
New Years Bash Basket {W348}
Starting at $31.99
CFA18 - Snowflake Crystal Cookie Favors
Snowflake Crystal Cookie Favors {CFA18}
A375 - Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland {A375}
Starting at $17.99
B375 - Winter Wonderland BouTray™
Winter Wonderland BouTray™ {B375}
Starting at $55.99
PC21 - Happy Hanukkah Cookie Cake
Happy Hanukkah Cookie Cake {PC21}
BX8 - One Dozen Gourmets
One Dozen Gourmets {BX8}
CFA12 - Hanukkah Cookie Favors
Hanukkah Cookie Favors {CFA12}
BX9 - Two Dozen Gourmets
Two Dozen Gourmets {BX9}
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