Teacher Appreciation week is the first full week of May. Be a smart cookie and recognize all of your teacher’s hard work with a fun, school-themed cookie bouquet or gift basket that can be personalized just for them. Shop our selection of Teacher Appreciation Week gift ideas and surprise them with delectable cookies and treats.

A515 - Together We Learn
Together We Learn
Starting at $21.99
B515 - Together We Learn BouTray™
Together We Learn BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W515 - Together We Learn Basket
Together We Learn Basket
Starting at $39.99
SK511 - Keep Smiling Survival Kit
Keep Smiling Survival Kit
as Shown $66.99
A294 - Kool School Kids
Kool School Kids
Starting at $21.99
B294 - Kool School Kids BouTray™
Kool School Kids BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W294 - Kool School Kids Basket
Kool School Kids Basket
Starting at $39.99
A401 - Wacky School
Wacky School
Starting at $21.99
B401 - Wacky School BouTray™
Wacky School BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W401 - Wacky School Basket
Wacky School Basket
Starting at $39.99
A508 - Appreciation Flowers
Appreciation Flowers
Starting at $21.99
B508 - Appreciation Flowers BouTray™
Appreciation Flowers BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W508 - Appreciation Flowers Basket
Appreciation Flowers Basket
Starting at $39.99
A284 - Blossoms of Thanks
Blossoms of Thanks
Starting at $21.99
B284 - Blossoms of Thanks BouTray™
Blossoms of Thanks BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W284 - Blossoms of Thanks Basket
Blossoms of Thanks Basket
Starting at $39.99
A446 - Sweet Emojis
Sweet Emojis
Starting at $21.99
GB474 - Number 1 Teacher Gift Box
Number 1 Teacher Gift Box
as Shown $9.99
IDC43 - Personalized A+ Teacher
Personalized A+ Teacher
as Shown $8.99
IDC35 - Apple
as Shown $8.99
A437-03 - Wacky Apples Pail
Wacky Apples Pail
Starting at $35.99
A44 - School Days
School Days
Starting at $29.99
W44 - School Days Basket
School Days Basket
Starting at $39.99
CBT9 - Assorted Chocolate Truffles - 9 Count
Assorted Chocolate Truffles - 9 Count
as Shown $19.99
A163 - One Smart Cookie
One Smart Cookie
Starting at $39.99
A227 - Team Spirit
Team Spirit
Starting at $21.99
B44 - School BouTray™
School BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
B163 - One Smart Cookie BouTray™
One Smart Cookie BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
PC26 - Thanks A Buzz-illion Cookie Cake
Thanks A Buzz-illion Cookie Cake
as Shown $38.99
A312 - Thanks A Buzz-illion
Thanks A Buzz-illion
Starting at $21.99
GB42 - Easter Cookies Gift Box
Easter Cookies Gift Box
as Shown $9.99
A525 - Let’s Fiesta
Let’s Fiesta
Starting at $21.99