It’s the perfect match! We’ve partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshop to create a bouquet that is second to none. Surrounded by our signature handmade decorated cookies is a soft, cuddly Happy Hugs Bear. These Build-A-Bear teddy bear gifts and cookie combination makes gift giving easier and is surely a one stop shop for the gift that will truly warm their heart. With this ultimate cookie gift, it doesn't get any sweeter than this!

BAB264 - Build-A-Bear - Cookies are Good Medicine
Build-A-Bear - Cookies are Good Medicine
Starting at $89.99
BAB109-GIRL - Build-A-Bear - Baby Blocks - Girl
Build-A-Bear - Baby Blocks - Girl
Starting at $89.99
BAB109-BOY - Build-A-Bear - Baby Blocks - Boy
Build-A-Bear - Baby Blocks - Boy
Starting at $89.99
BAB147 - Build-A-Bear - Confetti and Candles Primary
Build-A-Bear - Confetti and Candles Primary
Starting at $89.99
BAB230 - Build-A-Bear - Sweet Valentine
Build-A-Bear - Sweet Valentine
Starting at $89.99
AGE9 - Deluxe Hoppy Easter Basket
Deluxe Hoppy Easter Basket
as Shown $69.99
BAB418 - Build-A-Bear - Love for Mom
Build-A-Bear - Love for Mom
Starting at $89.99
BAB462 - Build-A-Bear- Shirts for DAD
Build-A-Bear- Shirts for DAD
Starting at $89.99