Gourmet Brownie Gift Baskets

You'll call them scrumptious, we call them gourmet brownies. Our brownies are baked with the finest ingredients to create a moist, rich, fudgy treat that no one can resist. A flexible gift option to fit any budget or indulge in a brownie delivery for yourself!

BR6 - Gourmet Brownies – Half Dozen
Gourmet Brownies – Half Dozen Add-Ons as Shown $28.99
BR18 - Gourmet Brownies – 18
Gourmet Brownies – 18 Add-Ons as Shown $54.99
BR9 - Gourmet Brownies – 9
Gourmet Brownies – 9 Add-Ons as Shown $36.99
CBT9 - Assorted Chocolate Truffles - 9 Count
Assorted Chocolate Truffles - 9 Count Add-Ons as Shown $19.99