Be a smart cookie and recognize all of your teacher’s hard work with a fun, school-themed cookie bouquet or gift basket that can be personalized just for them. Shop our selection of Teacher gift ideas and surprise them with delectable cookies and treats.

A515 - Welcome Home to Learning!
New Welcome Home to Learning! {A515}
Starting at $19.99
B515 - Welcome Home to Learning! BouTray™
New Welcome Home to Learning! BouTray™ {B515}
Starting at $61.99
W515 - Welcome Home to Learning! Basket
New Welcome Home to Learning! Basket {W515}
Starting at $34.99
GB474 - Number 1 Teacher Gift Box
Number 1 Teacher Gift Box {GB474}
as Shown $8.99
A44 - School Days
School Days {A44}
Starting at $26.99
B44 - School BouTray™
School BouTray™ {B44}
Starting at $61.99
W44 - School Days Basket
School Days Basket {W44}
Starting at $34.99
A294 - Kool School Kids
Kool School Kids {A294}
Starting at $19.99
B294 - Kool School Kids BouTray™
Kool School Kids BouTray™ {B294}
Starting at $61.99
W294 - Kool School Kids Basket
Kool School Kids Basket {W294}
Starting at $34.99
A401 - Wacky School
Wacky School {A401}
Starting at $19.99
B401 - Wacky School BouTray™
Wacky School BouTray™ {B401}
Starting at $61.99
W401 - Wacky School Basket
Wacky School Basket {W401}
Starting at $34.99
A508 - Appreciation Flowers
Appreciation Flowers {A508}
Starting at $19.99
B508 - Appreciation Flowers BouTray™
Appreciation Flowers BouTray™ {B508}
Starting at $61.99
W508 - Appreciation Flowers Basket
Appreciation Flowers Basket {W508}
Starting at $34.99
A284 - Blossoms of Thanks
Blossoms of Thanks {A284}
Starting at $19.99
B284 - Blossoms of Thanks BouTray™
Blossoms of Thanks BouTray™ {B284}
Starting at $61.99
W284 - Blossoms of Thanks Basket
Blossoms of Thanks Basket {W284}
Starting at $34.99
IDC43 - Personalized A+ Teacher
Personalized A+ Teacher {IDC43}
as Shown $7.99
IDC35 - Apple
Apple {IDC35}
as Shown $7.99
A259 - Many Thanks
Many Thanks {A259}
Starting at $19.99
B259 - Many Thanks BouTray™
Many Thanks BouTray™ {B259}
Starting at $61.99
W259 - Many Thanks Basket
Many Thanks Basket {W259}
Starting at $34.99
A452 - Sweet Emojis-Thank You
Sweet Emojis-Thank You {A452}
Starting at $19.99
B452 - Sweet Emojis BouTray™-Thank You
Sweet Emojis BouTray™-Thank You {B452}
Starting at $61.99
W452 - Sweet Emojis Basket-Thank You
Sweet Emojis Basket-Thank You {W452}
Starting at $34.99
IDC24 - Thank You Star
Thank You Star {IDC24}
as Shown $7.99
BXT8 - One Dozen Gourmets w/ Message Tag
One Dozen Gourmets w/ Message Tag {BXT8}
as Shown $31.99
A306 - Appreciation Stars
Appreciation Stars {A306}
Starting at $19.99
B306 - Appreciation Stars BouTray™
Appreciation Stars BouTray™ {B306}
Starting at $61.99
W306 - Appreciation Stars Basket
Appreciation Stars Basket {W306}
Starting at $34.99