Say it with cookies® - Send some home sweet home wishes to your loved one with our housewarming cookie gift baskets. All of our cookies are baked fresh at every location, and with customizable cookie shapes like houses, flowers, and cookie messages, you’ll send the perfect welcome home treat.

DK483 - Summer Vibes Decorating Kit
Summer Vibes Decorating Kit {DK483}
as Shown $29.99
A446 - Sweet Emojis
Sweet Emojis {A446}
Starting at $19.99
B446 - Sweet Emojis BouTray™
Sweet Emojis BouTray™ {B446}
Starting at $61.99
W446 - Sweet Emojis Basket
Sweet Emojis Basket {W446}
Starting at $34.99
A511 - Keep Smiling Emojis
Keep Smiling Emojis {A511}
Starting at $19.99
B511 - Keep Smiling Emojis BouTray™
Keep Smiling Emojis BouTray™ {B511}
Starting at $61.99
W511 - Keep Smiling Emojis Basket
Keep Smiling Emojis Basket {W511}
Starting at $34.99
SK511 - Keep Smiling Survival Kit
Keep Smiling Survival Kit {SK511}
as Shown $59.99
A258 - Congratulations Spring Blossoms
Congratulations Spring Blossoms {A258}
Starting at $19.99
B258 - Congratulations Spring Blossoms BouTray™
Congratulations Spring Blossoms BouTray™ {B258}
Starting at $61.99
SK2 - Survival Kit
Survival Kit {SK2}
as Shown $52.99
BX5 - Half Dozen Sandwich Cookies
Half Dozen Sandwich Cookies {BX5}
as Shown $32.99
BX8 - One Dozen Gourmets
One Dozen Gourmets {BX8}
as Shown $26.99
BX9 - Two Dozen Gourmets
Two Dozen Gourmets {BX9}
as Shown $41.99
TRY20 - Two Dozen Gourmet Cookie Tray
Two Dozen Gourmet Cookie Tray {TRY20}
as Shown $41.99
TIN12 - One Dozen Gourmet Cookies
One Dozen Gourmet Cookies {TIN12}
as Shown $28.99
TIN24 - Two Dozen Gourmet Cookies
Two Dozen Gourmet Cookies {TIN24}
as Shown $43.99
MINI32 - Mini Bites - 32
Mini Bites - 32 {MINI32}
as Shown $21.00
MINI64 - Mini Bites - 64
Mini Bites - 64 {MINI64}
as Shown $36.00
SOGMJB24 - Just Because Gift Box – 2 Dozen Gourmet Cookies
Just Because Gift Box – 2 Dozen Gourmet Cookies {SOGMJB24}
as Shown $43.99
SS2 - Sweet Spots Add On
Sweet Spots Add On {SS2}
as Shown $19.99
A510 - Keep On Rollin’
Keep On Rollin’ {A510}
Starting at $19.99
SK5 - Stuck At Home Survival Kit
Stuck At Home Survival Kit {SK5}
as Shown $59.99
A495 - Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home {A495}
Starting at $19.99
A36 - Houses
Houses {A36}
Starting at $19.99
B495 - Home Sweet Home BouTray™
Home Sweet Home BouTray™ {B495}
Starting at $61.99
W495 - Home Sweet Home Basket
Home Sweet Home Basket {W495}
Starting at $34.99
B36 - Houses BouTray™
Houses BouTray™ {B36}
Starting at $61.99
W36 - Houses Basket
Houses Basket {W36}
Starting at $34.99
PC8 - Congratulations Iced Cookie Cake
Congratulations Iced Cookie Cake {PC8}
as Shown $39.99
W421 - New Home Basket
New Home Basket {W421}
Starting at $34.99
A398 - Heres to You
Heres to You {A398}
Starting at $19.99