Easter Cookie Gifts

Celebrate Easter with our fun and delicious Easter Gift Baskets, such as the Easter Patchwork Bunnies cookie bouquet. Our Easter cookies are baked fresh, hand decorated and taste as good as they look. Appeal to their sweet side, have Easter Gifts delivered that they will delight in.

A490 - Happy Easter
Happy Easter
Starting at $21.99
B490 - Happy Easter BouTray™
Happy Easter BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W490 - Happy Easter Basket
Happy Easter Basket
Starting at $39.99
BABBUN490 - Build-A-Bear® Happy Easter Bunny
New Build-A-Bear® Happy Easter Bunny
Starting at $89.99
DK5 - Easter Decorating Kit
Easter Decorating Kit
as Shown $41.99
A537 - Easter Surprise
New Easter Surprise
Starting at $21.99
B537 - Easter Surprise BouTray™
New Easter Surprise BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W537 - Easter Surprise Basket
New Easter Surprise Basket
Starting at $39.99
FUN2 - Big Easter Bundle
New Big Easter Bundle
as Shown $134.96
FUN3 - Peep This Easter Bundle
New Peep This Easter Bundle
as Shown $133.97
A538 - Easter Fun
New Easter Fun
Starting at $21.99
B538 - Easter Fun BouTray™
New Easter Fun BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W538 - Easter Fun Basket
New Easter Fun Basket
Starting at $39.99
A357 - Chicks In Disguise
Chicks In Disguise
Starting at $21.99
B357 - Chicks In Disguise BouTray™
Chicks In Disguise BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W357 - Chicks In Disguise Basket
Chicks In Disguise Basket
Starting at $39.99
GB42 - Easter Cookies Gift Box
Easter Cookies Gift Box
as Shown $11.99
SSE2 - Sweet Spots – Easter 2 Dozen in a Box
Sweet Spots – Easter 2 Dozen in a Box
as Shown $22.49
TRY42 - Easter Cookies Favor Tray
Easter Cookies Favor Tray
as Shown $57.49
A96 - Blessed Easter
Blessed Easter
Starting at $21.99
A308 - Easter Patchwork Bunnies
Easter Patchwork Bunnies
Starting at $21.99
B308 - Easter Patchwork Bunnies BouTray™
Easter Patchwork Bunnies BouTray™
Starting at $68.99
W308 - Easter Patchwork Bunnies Basket
Easter Patchwork Bunnies Basket
Starting at $39.99
AGE2 - Easter Cookie Favor Bag
Easter Cookie Favor Bag
as Shown $13.99
PC25 - Patchwork Bunny Cookie Cake
Patchwork Bunny Cookie Cake
as Shown $38.99
CFA13 - Easter Cookie Favors
Easter Cookie Favors
as Shown $4.49
BR6 - Gourmet Brownies – Half Dozen
Gourmet Brownies – Half Dozen
as Shown $28.99
BR18 - Gourmet Brownies – 18
Gourmet Brownies – 18
as Shown $54.99
BR9 - Gourmet Brownies – 9
Gourmet Brownies – 9
as Shown $36.99
CBT9 - Assorted Chocolate Truffles - 9 Count

Seasonal Item
Returning Soon!

Assorted Chocolate Truffles - 9 Count
as Shown $19.99