These Christmas cookie gifts are perfect for stocking stuffers, gifts for friends and neighbors or an extra special thank you for Santa himself. Each of our Christmas decorated cookies is handcrafted with care to make gifts that are not only delicious but also memorable.

TRY22 - Christmas Favors Cookie Tray
Christmas Favors Cookie Tray {TRY22}
as Shown $79.99
IDC29 - Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree {IDC29}
as Shown $7.99
IDC67 - Personalized Reindeer
Personalized Reindeer {IDC67}
as Shown $7.99
IDC104 - Santa Head
Santa Head {IDC104}
as Shown $7.99
IDC105 - Snowman Head
Snowman Head {IDC105}
as Shown $7.99
TRY36 - Happy Penguins Cookie Tray
Happy Penguins Cookie Tray {TRY36}
as Shown $63.99
IDC68 - Personalized Checkered Stocking
Personalized Checkered Stocking {IDC68}
as Shown $7.99
IDC70 - Personalized Red Swirl Stocking
Personalized Red Swirl Stocking {IDC70}
as Shown $7.99
A275 - Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas {A275}
Starting at $19.99
A459 - Beary Ugly Sweaters
Beary Ugly Sweaters {A459}
Starting at $19.99
A487 - Christmas Snow Globes
Christmas Snow Globes {A487}
Starting at $19.99
A486 - Merry and Bright
Merry and Bright {A486}
Starting at $19.99
A375 - Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland {A375}
Starting at $19.99
A392 - ‘Tis the Season
‘Tis the Season {A392}
Starting at $19.99
A449 - Smiles of the Season
Smiles of the Season {A449}
Starting at $19.99
A277 - Christmas Reindeer Roundup
Christmas Reindeer Roundup {A277}
Starting at $19.99
TRY488 - Cookies for Santa Favor Tray
Cookies for Santa Favor Tray {TRY488}
as Shown $50.99
BAB275 - Build-A-Bear- Merry Christmas
Build-A-Bear- Merry Christmas {BAB275}
Starting at $79.99
CFA488 - Cookies for Santa Cookie Favors
Cookies for Santa Cookie Favors {CFA488}
as Shown $3.99
CFA17 - Snowflake Ice Cookie Favors
Snowflake Ice Cookie Favors {CFA17}
as Shown $3.99
CFA18 - Snowflake Crystal Cookie Favors
Snowflake Crystal Cookie Favors {CFA18}
as Shown $3.99
PH275 - Photo Cookies - Merry Christmas
Photo Cookies - Merry Christmas {PH275}
Starting at $53.99
A489 - Warm Wishes
Warm Wishes {A489}
Starting at $19.99
A496 - Christmas Puppies
Christmas Puppies {A496}
Starting at $19.99
A497 - Winter Flurries
Winter Flurries {A497}
Starting at $19.99
GF275 - GF Merry Christmas
Temporarily Unvailable - Returning Soon! GF Merry Christmas {GF275}
Starting at $36.99
GF224 - Gluten Free Winter Wishes
Temporarily Unvailable - Returning Soon! Gluten Free Winter Wishes {GF224}
Starting at $36.99