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The estimated investment for each franchised location ranges from $111,500 - $187,500. Costs will differ according to a variety of variables that include the following: geographical area, the size and location of your store, cost of labor and materials and the terms of your lease.

Below is a breakout of the types of expenses you can expect.

Initial Franchise Fees
The Franchise Agreement grants you the right to operate one store at an approved location within a Protected Territory. A Protected Territory is generally identified by U.S. Postal Zip Codes. The Franchise Fee is $30,000.

Opening Inventory
Various supplies are included in this category such as ingredients, baskets and containers, and other materials needed in production for the first month of business.

Pre-Opening Travel Lodging, and Meals for Initial Training
We will provide initial training for you or your general manager at no cost. You will only be responsible for expenses related to travel, lodging, and meals during this training.

Real Estate
Real estate expenses include, but are not limited to, construction costs, impact fees, and broker commissions.

Furniture, Fixtures and Leasehold Improvements
Furniture and fixtures includes items which may be added to a leased space by you, which may be removed by you upon expiration of the lease. Leasehold improvements typically include items such as partitioning, door frames, doors, carpet, side lights, electrical, mechanical, etc.

Kitchen Equipment, Computer Hardware and Software
Kitchen equipment includes items such as ovens, mixers, refrigerators, freezers, trays and utensils. Computer hardware and software includes the POS system necessary to operate the location.

Initial Inventory and Supplies
Initial inventory and supplies including food, paper, containers and merchandise necessary for the first 3 months of production.

Business Licenses Permits, etc.
This item includes the cost for various business licenses and permits that may be required depending upon your location.

The signage required for the location include, in most cases, one building sign and interior signage.

Working Capital
Working Capital includes the amount necessary to cover costs and expenses such as debt service, wages, rent (or mortgage), and other operating expenses during the initial three months of operations.